Perry, FL

Marriage & the Gospel of King Jesus

Feb 19, 2023    Ben Kimmell

Paul’s overarching purpose in chapter 7 is to give the Corinthian believers a Kingdom framework through which to think about new situations and difficult circumstances that can arise in the life of the church and individual believers. He isn’t giving us an exhaustive checklist or decision tree. He wants us to grow in Kingdom maturity and be able to think and deliberate on life issues in a way that honors King Jesus. In this chapter, Paul offers instructions on marriage, sexual intimacy, and singleness, as well as instructions on the delicate and divisive matters of divorce and remarriage. These instructions are balanced, nuanced, and profoundly Kingdom oriented. In this message, Pastor Ben guides us through this lengthy and complex chapter with courage, confidence, and with conviction that God’s purpose is good and that we can trust His Word through it all.