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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

"Why did early Christianity spread? Because early Christians believed that what they had found to be true was true of the whole world...World missions is thus the first and most obvious feature of early Christian praxis."

- N.T. Wright, The New Testament and the People of God.
At Calvary, we believe that Jesus is Lord of all the earth. And our passion is to announce His Lordship both locally and globally. For these reasons, we are committed to embracing and embodying the mission of the global gospel. In recent years, this has included numerous trips annually to Haiti as well as to Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to serve local believers through pastoral/theological training, construction projects, women’s and children’s ministries, evangelistic crusades, and medical missions.

In 2018, our reach extended to Pakistan where we ministered to marginalized and oppressed Christian poor and preached the gospel in four cities in the northeastern region of that country. In 2019, we continued our work in Pakistan with care for the poor, preaching the gospel, and also providing theological training to pastors and church leaders.

We are currently working to establish long-term partnerships with convention and indigenous personnel to continue to train church leaders and equip South Asian churches to embrace and embody their own calling to share and serve Christ in that difficult region of the world. At Calvary, our goal is to raise up and equip new missionaries from within our own church to mobilize and multiply for greater gospel impact to the ends of the earth.

Our Current Missions

Below are our current global missions. Select one to learn more.

Haiti Medical Mission - 2018

Pakistan - 2018