Perry, FL

Mullet School of Ministry

Join us, Sundays at 1:30PM!
The Mullet School of Ministry is a non-traditional, local initiative aimed at providing affordable theological education to empower and equip church leaders in Perry and Taylor County. Our goal is to offer a basic yet high-quality curriculum, supporting individuals aspiring to leadership roles within local churches. The program, with minimal costs covering only required course materials, seeks to identify and equip leaders within our community to effectively understand and communicate God's Word.

Although our primary aim is to equip pastors and church leaders, anyone who is eager to mine the riches of the New Testament is welcome.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Mullet School of Ministry is to provide a basic, yet high-quality theological education and ongoing ministry support to local church leaders and those who aspire to those offices and roles, in Perry and Taylor County. We aim to identify and then equip leaders from within our churches by giving them the tools they need to be able to rightly divide and compellingly deliver God's Word.

Our Mission

We want to do our part to strengthen our local churches to fearless and biblically saturated ministry by empowering their leaders to form and lead biblically healthy churches. Given the cost of accredited institutions and the effort required to relocate to seminary campuses, we want to provide a non-traditional alternative for interested students in our local area. The only costs to the students will be the required course materials.

If you are interested in joining our Mullet School, please contact our church office.
"I love the Mullet School - Attending has definitely been worth it, I love the depth that Ben leads the class and takes the time to answer all the questions. It has really expanded my knowledge of the New Testament and has gotten me back to a daily study of God's Word! Thank you Pastor Ben and Calvary!"

- Marty Albanese

"It is so nice in the Mullet School to be able to stop and ask questions and get a good understanding. Thank you Calvary, for loving God's word, and doing this program for people like me."

- Bonnie Agner

"The reason I attend Mullet School is because, it is about getting into the meat and potatoes of God’s word with a group that love and desire to serve their Lord. Everyone contributes to the discussion to further understand every day application along with the guidance of an outstanding teacher."

- Duane Arnold

"Mullet School is much deeper than your typical Bible studies or devotions. We really dig down deep and delve in to the core of God's Word. I've been challenged, convicted & blessed through the discussions and supplemental materials we use to get at the heart of Scripture."

- Morgan Smith