Perry, FL

Calvary Life - Discover our church

CalvaryLife is an insightful course designed to help new visitors and potential members explore and understand the ins and outs of our church community. CalvaryLife consists of 5 video sessions designed to answer your questions and help you understand our church functions.

  • Our Salvation (Session 1a & 1b)
  • Our Conviction (Session 2)
  • Our Organization (Session 3)
  • Our Ministries & Covenant (Session 4)

Session 1a

Session 1b

Session 1 - Our Salvation

The CalvaryLife membership course is designed to introduce prospective new members to the beliefs, practices, and people of Calvary Baptist Church. In this two-part first session, Pastor Ben draws on a wealth of scriptural data to paint a magnificent picture of Our Salvation as central to God's purpose to rescue and renew the world by reflecting on Our Purpose, Our Problem, and Our Rescue.

Session 2 - Our Conviction

In the second session of our CalvaryLife membership course, Pastor Ben walks us through both Our Boundaries as well as Our Beliefs. This session describes the source of authority for our beliefs and the manner in which we embody them. The session then covers select articles from the Baptist Faith and Message.

Session 3 - Our Organization

In Session 3 of our CalvaryLife New Member course, Pastor Ben walks us through "Our Organization." This session explains our ambition as a New Testament Church. It explains how we are organized internally. And it also explains our affiliations with our local association as well as our state and national conventions.

Session 4 - Our Ministries & Covenant

In this fourth, and final, session of the CalvaryLife New Member course, Pastor Ben walks us through a number of the ministries and programs at Calvary before closing with the Calvary Baptist Church Covenant.