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Deeper Discipleship

September 13, 2020 2:00pm

Join us for a time of informal reading and discussion

In light of the incredible challenges Christians of all ages are facing in today's cultural climate, it has become increasingly evident that we must do a more thorough job of intentionally developing deep structures for Christ-centered affections of the heart, as well as philosophically and theologically sound and informed habits of the mind. We have reached a crisis point among our youth and young adults who swiftly abandon the virtues and convictions they were taught for the self-indulgent narcissism of a morally bankrupt and existentially untenable secularism. Pornography is rampant, radical individualism is unquestioned, confusion and purposelessness are common, and Christian ethics are often dismissed or ignored as irrelevant to the digital generations.

Whatever convictions of the mind and affections of the heart our churches are successful at cultivating in our young people, they turn out to be, in many cases, superficial at best or artificial at worst, as evidenced by wholesale abandonment of Christian discipleship, ethics, and participation in the body of Christ by our young people as soon as they leave high school or home. We are, sadly, a consumeristic people who typically have no desire to make the sustained efforts required to develop authentically renewed affections, thought patterns, and discipleship-habits that will sustain the Christian through every challenge of life. We have, as a consequence, relegated ourselves and our churches' impact to the margins of society, even while the urgent need for the Christian gospel continues to grow.

In order to respond to these monumental challenged, Deeper Discipleship is an informal reading group, not only for older youth and young adults, but for all people in our church (and community) that are interested in diving deeper into the rich theological, biblical and philosophical traditions of Christian faith. Here we read important works by Christian thinkers whose teachings and examples have had a broad impact for God's kingdom. At Deeper Discipleship, we read works on church history, theology, philosophy, and apologetics. Our aim is to create stronger disciples and authentic Christian champions by establishing structures of heart and mind that will fit us for beholding true beauty and urgently pursuing the most durable joys. 

Our Deeper Discipleship Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. For more information regarding Deeper Discipleship, please email Ben Kimmell or call the church office.


Calvary Baptist Worship Center

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