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Failure & Faith - Part 15

Series: Failure & Faith: The Journey to the Promised Land

Due to our internet issues, we were unable to capture a video of Part 15. However, we were able to capture audio, please click the headphones button to listen to the sermon.

Speaker: Pastor Ben Kimmell

July 26, 2020
Numbers 12:1-15

Sermon Notes

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Follow Along with the Message

Failure and Faith – Part XV
Num. 12:1-15

1. The Challenge to Moses’   (vv. 1-2)

a. First complaint was based on  . (v. 1)
b. Second complaint was based on  . (v. 2)
c. The actual complain was motivated by  . (v. 2)
d. The Lord   it.

2. Confronting the Source of   (vv. 3-8)

a. Moses depended on the Lord  . (v. 3)
b. God gathered all the relevant  . (v. 4)
c. God corrected the distortion of  . (vv. 6-8)
d. We work for restoration  .

i. Speak to people  . (Mt. 18:15; Gal. 2:11-14)
ii. Approach the issue  . (Prov. 18:6; 15:1-2)
iii. Get all sides of the  . (Mt. 18:16)
iv. Locate the issue  . (Eph. 4:1-16)
v. Don’t take things  . (Eph. 6:10-17)
vi. Work for restoration of  . (Eph. 4:3)

3. Restoration through Judgment and   (vv. 9-15)

a. God’s anger burned  . (v. 9)
b. Miriam was afflicted  . (v. 10)
c. Aaron repented  . (v. 11-12)
d. Moses interceded  . (v. 13)
e. The Lord judged  . (v. 14-15)
f. Jesus redeems  . (Heb. 3:1-6)

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